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About Us

DexPrints is owned and operated by Dexpressionz, LLC.

Dexprints gives your customized online printing services as an ultimate solution to all your professional printing from business cards, brochures, files, documents to other items. Our high-quality and professional online printing turn great concepts into marketing materials and promotional items. We have a variety of paper and card stock collection with various finishing options.

Dexpressionz has a large range of print products for you to choose from for your business and holiday needs. Our designs are compelling and attractive and the print is of premium quality with excellent finish, rich colors, precise folding and cutting and classy excellent quality. We give you personalized help, a customized price quote and additional support for your online printing.

Through the years, we have established a close relationship with our customers and we strive to maintain our high quality of standards. We have online tools to help our customers design different types of products and we are constantly updating our site to give our customers all the tools necessary to aid in their marketing needs.